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This was the online application site for the available PhD positions at the Doctoral School for Dependable Electronic-Based Systems (DENISE). The deadline for submitting an application has passed, and no new application will be considered.

Submission instructions. To submit your application, please follows the steps listed below:
1. Create a new account by selecting "I'm a new user and want to create an account" and pressing the "Create Account" button. Then login.
2. Click on "Start new paper".
3. Fill in the necessary details (Title, Authors, Abstract).
4. In the 'Title' and 'Abstract' fields, please write "Application #YOUR_NAME# #YOUR_SURNAME#". 
5. In the 'Authors' field, please specify your name/e-mail/[affiliation] as a first author and ignore the remaining lines.
6. Upload a single PDF file (max. 10 MB) by clicking the button below "Submission". The PDF file should contain: 

7. Under "Topics - Select any topics that apply to your paper", please tick which of the five available positions you would like to apply for.
8. Press 'Save changes' to finalize your application.

Disclaimer. Note that this platform (HotCRP) is normally used to submit papers at conferences and workshops: that is why you will find wordings like "Start new paper", "Title", "Authors", or "Abstract". In essence, you can treat the submission of your job application as a paper submission: the document you submit is a PDF file in both cases, after all :-)

Welcome to the DENISE submissions site. For general conference information, see


The site is not open for submissions at the moment.